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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update on the First Caring Kids -- Dog Training 101-- Camp Graduate of the Summer 2013

Puppies grow up so fast!   Barely a month ago the pup, now named Rosie, was learning the basics, in-between snuggles, in Caring Kids-Dog Training 101 Camp.  Now, her new family reports she's already doubled in weight and is "doing great, loves running outside, and meeting new people".    They also asked us to thank the camper/trainers for letting them know "how much she likes peanut butter from a Kong!"   They sent lots of wonderful pictures, but I particularly love this one, of the growing pup sitting, demonstrating the very first thing she learned in camp.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Caring Kids Camp 2013 Highlights Creatures Great and Small

All About Animals Camp campers loved visiting with  the cats and dogs housed at the shelter, but they also delighted in meeting other animals like the box turtles and gecko that Dr. Pricilla Joyner from Pender Veterinary Center brought to camp.  Both turtles had been injured and neither could be released to the wild.  The gecko, a former patient of Dr. Joyner's, was constantly being treated  for eye infections.  At one point the reptile's guardian said that she couldn't care for the Leopard Gecko any longer, and that's how Dr. Joyner adopted her little buddy.  Dr. Joyner not only sees small  exotic creatures at the hospital, but she helps to care for large, potentially endangered wild animals living at the Smithsonian's science centers.  Many campers are interested in becoming veterinarians.   After Dr. Joyner's visit, they learned that if they are at all interested in caring for, and studying, a large assortment of animals, they better be prepared for many, many years of education.  Several eagerly said that they were up for the challenge.

There are two more weeks of Caring Kids Camp scheduled for this summer. Animals and Art runs July 29- August 2 and Dog Training 101 is set for August 12-16.  All sessions for 2013 are completely full.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Emmaly's Efforts Help the Animals!

Emmaly not only held a successful lemonade and cupcake sale (5 dozen yummy treats were bought), raising $152.50,  to benefit the animals  temporarily housed at WARL, but she collected a treasure trove of  items for the cats and dogs including bags of towels, blankets, and toys, cat  and dog food grooming supplies, and leashes.   Lynn, Emmaly's friend, and WARL volunteer stopped by the neighborhood stand to purchase a treat and pose for a brief photo op.  Thanks Emmaly!