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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Babysitters, Put this Brand New Carter Goodrich Book in Your Summer Kid Pack

A good book for veterinarians' offices, too.   Mister Bud's hot spot is treated with cream and a cone.  Zorro, the funny looking pug, thinks Mr. Bud  can be taken advantage of in his compromised state.   But, the caring guardian remarks "Poor guy.  It's hard to see with this thing on, isn't it?" after Mr. Bud's unfortunate encounter with a lamp.    Mister Bud gets a special treat and Zorro is called out for out for getting into the biscuits.  A charming picture book that stresses companionship, ( both canine and human) and responsible care.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Davy Jones is in the House!

Well,he is in my office.   He'd like a house.  Or an apartment.  A condo would be nice! I like having an office buddy; right now he's doing all of the work and I'm just enjoying his company.  But, this absolutely perfect cat has been living at the Washington Animal Rescue League way too long.   It's time for Davy Jones (DJ to his close friends) to be adopted.   And, since it is Friday afternoon, I'm going to tell him good-bye.   I can feel that this will be his adoption weekend.   I just know it!  He's the best cat here.  Well, definitely the very best gray and white cat hanging out in  my office!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Feline Friends -- Twice the Fun!

Everyone at the Washington Animal Rescue League loves updates!   Especially when they come with photos.   I usually don't get to know the kittens when they are here -- and I don't remember Ludwig (who was called VaVaVoom at WARL), the cute little tabby pictured here with her new forever friend.  But, the photo sent in by her adopter conjured up memories of my first cats, Sidney and Artie,  from more than 30 years ago!   When Sidney, an all black cat like Night Fury, was nearly a year old, we decided to adopt a friend for her.  Artie was just a little thing.  All of a sudden, Sid, who we still thought of as a tiny kitten, looked like a stalking panther.   She wasn't exactly welcoming of Artie during those first few days, but in no time at all the two became great friends.   They played crazy cat games and snuggled up close during nap time. Almost overnight,  Sidney morphed back into a sleek black cat and Artie quickly grew into his  fluffy adult self. No more wild cats, but forever friends.  Looks like Ludwig and Night Fury are becoming the same.   

Monday, June 2, 2014

What do you want for your birthday?

The money jar after it was emptied
and donations counted
The birthday girls visiting  Kitty City
When Freya and Mila were asked what they wanted for their birthday, their response was immediate -- to help the animals at the Washington Animal Rescue League.  Instead of birthday gifts, the 7-year-old twins asked their friends and family to fill the money jar that they created.  And, their friends and family went all out.  The girls' birthday celebration netted $300 for the animals!!!  Mila and Freya brought their donation to the League's 100 year birthday bash.
 Thank you Mila and Freya.  Wishing you many more happy birthdays.