There is a Chill in the Air!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Erica and her WARL adoptee Frisco
and the wonderful assortment of
handmade blankets and toys
Sarah wraps Trip, a puppy mill survivor,
in one of the brightly colored blankets.
Bags of the handmade comforters fill the
lobby benches.
When Erica and Sarah decided to use the Girl Scout Silver Award,  the highest award  a Girl Scout Cadet can earn, as a means to help the animals at the Washington Animal Rescue League, they decided to do something crafty, useful  and long lasting. Their brightly colored hand-made fleece blankets and toys are now enjoyed by almost every dog and cat in the shelter.  The fringed blankets were created with the many different animals in mind -- smaller kitty condo sized blankets, large dog beds and every size in between.    The girls are definitely, in the words of the Girl Scout handbook, "using their knowledge and leadership skills to make a difference in the world. " 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Work it Out Guys!

"My turn  to play with that toy," the little torti says to her tabby sibling.  "I don't think so.  I'm happy to sit here, claw the cardboard and even take a bath all right here!"  Several  simple recycled cardboard scratching circles were created by our WARL 101 campers last week.  A few kitties went home over the weekend and took their specially created, favorite toys with them.  These guys are learning a tough lesson with theirs -- sharing!

Happy News Update -- My office buddy went home.  Can't wait to get an update from his new forever family!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awesome Office Buddy!

I have an office buddy.   The name this sweet guy has at WARL is Mutton (we must have been having a bad naming day the day he was brought in).  I'm trying to come up with a more appropriate moniker.  for the time being I'm calling him Buddy.  He is the sweetest guy.  He'll sit on my lap, likes to be brushed, and is quite content to be under the desk so he doesn't get in the way.  He's been here for a long time.  He's one of those cats that I call "under the radar".  He doesn't cause a fuss, and when he is in his tower in Kitty City, he just hangs out -- kind of resigned to his life in the shelter.  He's probably thinking he has it quite good here.  When he came to WARL three months ago, he had a gash on his neck and was skinny.  The wound has healed, he's put on weight, and is ready to go HOME!  A real home with someone who loves him unconditionally!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Caring Kids Camp 2014

We've been really busy with Caring Kids Camps at WARL.  First a week of WARL 101, where campers focused on the care and placement of shelter animals, and last week our All About Animals campers were introduced to cats and dogs, plus bats, reptiles, sea creatures and farm animals!  Many of those non-shelter animals are featured in a flicker photo album, check it out  WARL 101 repeats next week, with another week of All About Animals slated for August 4th.  Both camps are completely full, but 2015 camp registration is just around the corner.   February is only 7 months away.