There is a Chill in the Air!

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It's cold outside! Report animals in the cold to Animal Control, 202-576-6664 24/7

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It Takes Imagination, Innovation & A Kind-Hearted Neighborhood Business

I recently got an email from a Destination Imagination team -- an organization whose vision is  --
To be the global leader in teaching the creative process from imagination to innovation 
explaining that they had organized the SSA (Saving Sad Animals) Kids Club and were planning  a bake sale to help the animals.  Apparently, they are taking a multi-facet approach.  Their awareness-fund-raising effort greeted me front and center when I walked into my neighborhood BARKS! store in the Burnt Mills Shopping Center.  It was nice of  Erika, Sophia, Vincent, Sammy, and Mila to choose WARL as the recipient of their charitable efforts and extremely nice of the local store to give the SSA Kids Club a space on the counter right next to the register!  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birthdays are the Perfect Time for Celebrating Animal Companions

Cheese, a young hound mix waiting 
to be adopted, jumped up to thank Matthew. 

When Matthew was preparing to celebrate his 7th birthday his mom asked him  to choose a charity to receive gifts in his honor.   Matthew didn't hesitate, a devoted animal-lover, he said he wanted to help cats & dogs.  Yesterday he and his mom stopped by WARL, armed with bags of  toys and treats selected from our wish-list.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Older, Calmer & Wiser Dog Finds Forever Home!

Looking toward the front door, Tyson was eager to go home.   It took awhile for the staff favorite to finally exit the shelter on his adoption day.  He had to make the rounds so staff could say good-bye.
Tyson ended up in the shelter through no fault of his own.  His beloved guardian died, leaving the 7-year-old boxer mix orphaned.   He waited patiently at WARL for several weeks.  He went to adoption events, was featured as the "Pet-of-the-Week" on major media outlets, and was shared on staff and volunteers' Facebook pages.  Tyson's adopter, however,  just happened to wander in looking for the perfect dog.     And, he found one.  Enjoy your senior years, Tyson.   

Monday, January 5, 2015


Left on our doorstep,  in an extra-large cage with a towel and sweater and a note explaining that a home could not be located,  this  little Siamese-mix is now safe and warm and awaiting a forever home.   WARL has a big, welcoming double door front entrance, but the cage was left at a side entrance.  The kitten was discovered early one morning two weeks ago, after probably spending a long, cold night at the top of the stairs.  Her discovery was due in large part to her loud Siamese voice.  Siamese cats are known to be quite vocal, and this kitten is quite the belter.  

It's cold outside and temperatures are dropping -- FAST.  Cats and dogs belong inside where it's safe and warm.  If you see an animal outside, without proper shelter, please report the situation to your local animal control agency.