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Monday, July 27, 2015


Tallahassee chillin' in his condo at WARL.  Click on the video.  What a love.  Enjoy your forever home, big guy!!
It's hard NOT to have a favorite animal when you work in an animal shelter.  Different shelter staff have different strategies.   I find it easiest  to focus on ONE  shelter animal at a time.  Most recently my love interest was Tallahassee.   If I had an opening in my house, he definitely would have filled it.  But, imagine adopting every animal who you fall head over heals for, it can't be done.  It's not realistic.  Even so, this guy was really making it hard not to fill out the adoption application.  Lucky for him, his forever family did fill out the application.   Tallahassee left the shelter on Friday and by Sunday I had  received a report.  ...We’re finding him to be curious, loving, goofy, and wonderful company. He spent most of the first night under the bed, then last night was busy lounging on a bookshelf, whacking the window blinds, and doing biscuits at length on me. He also has shown a playful side, chasing a wand mouse toy and grooming/killing a furry bunny..., wrote his adopter.  And, that update confirmed that the big snuggler is right where he belongs!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Animal Enthusiasts Camp at WARL

WARL 101Campers participated in a
spay workshop led by Medical Director,
Dr. Jan Rosen.  All surgeries were successful.
The beanie cats and dogs recovered
and went home with the campers!

All About Animals campers
got up close and personal with
snakes and other reptiles & amphibians
during a hands-on Reptiles Alive
Our  three Caring Camp 2015 sessions each had a different focus, but all brought campers who love animals to  the Washington Animal Rescue League.   Several campers visited the animals weeks after their sessions ended and there were numerous parent/camper discussions about volunteering and adopting.   We expect that the 45 campers who attended WARL 101, All About Animals and Animals & Art will be life-long animal advocates.

With four weeks left until school starts in D.C., there is still plenty of summer left.  We are expecting other camps learn about our work during shelter tours in the coming weeks.
Animals & Art campers worked all week, painting  a full-room mural.
 WARL future campers, staff and visitors will enjoy the
 artwork, designed by area artists, for years to come.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ask, and You Will Receive

Erica with bat mitzvah donation box
and donations, including a much
appreciated hand-truck.
When Erica decided to help the Washington Animal Rescue League as her bat mitzvah project, she gave her guests an option as to how to help the animals.  She directed them to WARL's wishlist which emphasized the usual donations -- food, treats, toys and linens -- but also featured those  items that were more costly and not nearly as typical.   One such item was a hand-truck, a much needed an often used piece of equipment.  Moving large bags of food and boxes becomes a much easier task with a hand-truck.  When Erica and her family showed up at WARL post bat mitzvah with food, treats,  toys, AND a hand-truck, staff became giddy!  Thanks Erica for encouraging your friends and family to support WARL on your behalf.