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Monday, June 27, 2016

DC Scores at Powell Elementary School Win Big for the Animals

After an emotional discussion about the prevalence of animal cruelty and what students can do to help the animals currently housed in the Oglethorpe Street shelter, DC Scores students went into action.    
The students, whose after school program is offered at Powell Elementary School, learned that the shelter uses lots and lots of towels every day and can always use more.  So, they appealed to local hotels and asked for their discarded, but usable linens and collected 15 bags of towels for the shelter!
In addition, the students understood that better communication is needed so that folks in the community not only know how to properly care for animals, but where to report  animal control issues and incidents of animal abuse and neglect.   The students' flyer, Saving and Caring for Animals, was handed out to other soccer teams.  
Thank you DC Scores students at Powell Elementary School!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Vamoose! Vinegar Discourages Unwanted Visitors

photo courtesy of The HSUS
I attended a Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution workshop the other day and was surprised to learn that a kitchen staple is an effective way to "uninvite" raccoons who might move into the garage or attic. Turn up the tunes and place rags soaked in household vinegar near the den and be sure to leave a pathway for an easy exit .  A mama raccoon will not want to expose her babies to blaring rock and roll or the overpowering odor of vinegar.  
Years ago folks were told that ammonia and/or moth balls would serve as a quick deterrent; in fact a quick google search brings up numerous sites that say just that.  But according to the Humane Society of the U.S. and multiple government sources, that school of thought is not only outdated, but possibly hurtful or even lethal -- both ammonia and moth balls emit toxic fumes.  The goal is to get the masked intruders to move on, not to make them sick.  And, both ammonia and moth balls are toxic to people, too.  When encouraging wildlife to exit, always opt for the safest deterrent.  For more information check out