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Thursday, April 26, 2018

DC International Students Make a Plan, Execute it, and Help the Animals!

Awesome looking booth at local farmer's markets
HRA supporters hard at work
Gourmet treats!
Three D.C. International students, who I met in their classroom two years ago,  contacted me recently with a very well-thought out plan to help re-unite animals with their guardians. They wrote, Our idea is to raise money to get dogs or cats to get micro chipped so they don't get lost. The reason why we want to do this for our project and work with the humane society is because first, we all want to help animals as much as we can.  Second, we want to work with the humane society because you help animals for a living and we have already known each other from our past. After a fact-finding trip to HRA, they wrote to several local farmers' markets and asked for space to sell homemade dog biscuits to benefit their microchip initiative. Their first, very successful booth was held at Takoma on Sunday, April 22nd and, for those who missed the opportunity to purchase dog goodies at the market, catch Ana Isabel, Athziri and Anya at the Mount Pleasant Market, on Saturday, April 28th    

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Caring Camper and Friend Raise Money for the Animals!

Spring break campers met dogs, cats, turtles, snakes, rabbits, and other animals. They made dog toys and cat shelters. They were introduced to survivors of animal cruelty, and helped to socialize a recent rescue who lacked confidence. They met a  volunteer from Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a Search and Rescue Team, and worked with a Humane Officer to solve an animal neglect case. And, they enjoyed a freestyle performance by several pairs from Greenbelt Dog Training.
One camper's family adopted a dog and another camper's family adopted a guinea pig! 

Lily and Ella visit the dogs who will benefit from their donation.
And, Lily returned to the Humane Rescue Alliance, a few days after camp, to bring a $78 donation. Lily, and her friend Ella, started a neighborhood dog-walking business more than a year ago.The young entrepreneurs and animal lovers decided to donate their profits to the Humane Rescue Alliance to help "dogs in need" . THANK YOU Lily and Ella!💗💗💗