There is a Chill in the Air!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mega Snow Pile Up Can Cause Dilemma for Dogs -- Take Precautions to Prevent Pain and Suffering

Nigel mid-way through the storm.
Although I was out of town for the big one, there was plenty of snow to shovel when I got back yesterday, two days later than planned.  Nigel was home safe and sound and quickly adapted to short outings in the dug-out trenches.  Walking in the street is definitely not an option -- especially with the ton of salt spread thickly on my street.   
Be sure to wash your dogs paws after a trip outside.   Salt and mini-snowballs that lodge in dogs' pads can be painful .
Three days after the last flake fell -- warmer temps, more trenches.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Young Philanthropists' Birthday Celebration Collects Cash for the Animals

Eleanor, Melody, and their mom, Saundra, stopped by WARL last week with a jar full of money!   At each of the girl's recent birthday parties Saundra set-up a party-goers choice game -- either take two dollars to keep or place the two dollars in a charity jar.  Eleanor and Melody pre-selected two organizations to benefit from the birthday-bash donation activity.   Saundra, reported that almost all of the attendees donated their loot to help others.   More than $100 was brought to WARL.  Thank you Eleanor and Melody for including the cats and dogs in your birthday celebration! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Large Extended Family for Olivia

Olivia was one of those WARL dogs that EVERYONE was crazy about --  staff, volunteers and visitors.   Finding the right home for her, however, took some time -- Olivia loves people so much that every time her previous guardian left the house, Olivia became anxious and destructive.  This behavior is known to behavior and training experts as separation anxiety.  
And then, a holiday miracle -- the  kind folks at Malta House (an assisted living facility) came to WARL interested in fostering a dog.  The after Thanksgiving foster turned into a New Year's adoption.   One administrator reported that Olivia is the perfect fit. "She has an uncanny knack of knowing which resident needs a little extra TLC, laying at their feet, snuggling up and staying at their side."  Looks like Olivia enjoys the extra attention from the visiting grand kids, too.