Monday, May 13, 2019

Being Kind to Animals All Year Long!

Last week, May 5th 11th,  marked the 104th clebration of  Be Kind to Animals Week. While such a commemoration is nice, we think being kind to animals should be every day, of every month, of every year. Madison, a Stone Ridge of the Sacred Heart student must think so, too. In September 2018 she and her classmate Sarah  co-founded BARK! an on campus club that met monthly during the school year to raise awareness and money for the animals. Recently, they focused on helping shelter animals. through the sale of Pura Vida bracelets . They sold so many bracelets that they contributed more than $1,000 to help HRA help the animals. Earlier in the year they made cat dancers ourt of pipe cleaners and straws for our many shelter cats. And, last Friday several members of the group, along with their advisor, and Madison's dad visited our Oglethorpe Street shelter to see just exactly how their generous donations were being used. In addition, they went to work helping us promote some of our adoptable animals on their own social networks. The girls concluded the visit by stating that their efforts will not end with the close of the school year. They are planning on continuing to do their good  work through BARK! during the 2019-20 school year.On behalf of the animals, thanks ladies!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tyler Elementary School's Pre-K Students Are Awesome Animal Helpers

Tyler Elementary School's youngest animal lovers spent the spring studying animals. They decided to help HRA help the animals by collecting much needed supplies from our wish list.Their drive concluded  yesterday, during Be Kind to Animals Week. The children were excited about donating food, toys, treats, collars, leashes, blankets and towels for the animals. They handed over the donation-stuffed bags and boxes during a HRA humane education visit emphasizing safety around dogs. We read the silly book, Don't Lick the Dog, Making Friends With Dogs, by Wendy Wahman. Several of the pre-k students shared that they absolutely don't lick dogs, but their dogs do lick them! 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Week at HRA!

Caring Kids Spring Break Camp campers met many  animals during their week at HRA. They also helped us help the animals by making cat and dog toys, assembling pupscicles (frozen dog treats made with dog food, peanut butter, applesauce, and pumpkin) and decorated e-collars to give a festive look to recently spayed and neutered dogs and cats awaiting adoption. Campers were always eager to offer pats and cuddles to every animal they met.

The start of summer camp is less than 8-
weeks away. Lots of animal welfare enthusiasts live in the DMV; all four summer camps -- Careers, All About Animals, Animal Advocates, and Art and Animals -- are completely full. We are excited to have lots of new workshop leaders this year and many past camp favorites returning to share their passion, expertise, and animals with us! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

What's Better than Curling Up with a Good Book -- Reading a Good Book to a Good Dog!

Marley sneaks a peak at a dog training book.
Ralph (& David) listen  intently
and enjoys the colorful photos.
Wilson, Ms. Clark, and readers take a smile break
Ruff Readers is a collaborative effort; Humane Rescue Alliance, PAL (People Animals Love), and Center City Public Charter School Petworth Campus planned, organized, and implemented the Monday afternoon reading program.  One of the keys to a successful in -school reading to dogs program is having the administration on board. That was an easy sell. Principal Burgy's little rescue dog, Marley, is a regular at the school. While Marley, who is deaf, may not be able to hear the story,  he's very good at offering moral support.
The dogs have been listening to the fifth graders read, but beginning next week other students will be signing up to read to a dog for 20 minutes. Many dogs will sit, lay down, or rest endlessly while they listen to a good story.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Altruistic Kids Help Animals at HRA

When Brownie Troop #4608 decided to help the animals at HRA in order to earn their "pet badge" they took a multifaceted approach -- they walked dogs to earn money for HRA ($223.00!!), made lots and lots of toys for the animals, collected much-needed linens, and brought leashes and other items given to them by a local veterinary hospital. The Troop delivered their donations during a Sunday morning tour. They got to visit the animals who will benefit from their kindness and generosity. 

Just as the girls were leaving, Jack and his mom stopped by. They had a car filled with donations that Jack collected at his school. When asked why he orchestrated the collection, he responded that he loves his dog and wants to help the animals at HRA. 
It sure inspires hope in the future when you meet such thoughtful and compassionate kids. Thank you Brownie Troop #4608, Jack,  and all of the in-kind Norwood School donors.