Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy Boxes Continue to Entertain

 Six months after the pizza box carton busy boxes were created by Tuyet and Tra My during Caring Kids -- Animals & Art --  Camp,  League alums, Allister Moody and friend, continue to be engaged by the colorful toys.  Allister (white and orange kitty), who underwent eye surgery while residing at the League, was a staff favorite.   Nice to see that, not only does he see perfectly well, but is loved bunches by his four-legged and two legged forever friends. 

Thanks to Papa John's of the National Capital Area for donating the boxes for the camp projects and thanks to artists Katherine Leonard and Bonnie Branner for coordinating the project.

Information about the Washington Animal Rescue League's Caring Kids -- Animals & Art --  Camp, and two other  2012 summer camps will be posted in February.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You Friendship Hospital for Animals

Nearly two years ago three Rottweiler pups were rescued from a horrible situation -- their "caretaker" put rubber bands on each of the pups.  When the threesome were removed from the situation by a humane law enforcement officer and admitted as to the League's Medical Center our team immediately went to work removing the rubber bands.  It was soon determined, because the damage was so severe, that Riley's left front leg would be amputated. The other pups recovered once the heavy bands were removed from their necks.   Kara,  Riley's primary caretaker in the medical center, fell in love with her patient and adopted the good-natured pup. 

Hailey, the dog standing on all fours in the picture, was adopted  by a rather unconventional family -- she is a member of the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department.  She quickly became the most popular member of the squad, and takes her role as fire prevention expert seriously -- she often  accompanies the firefighters to community events. During the summer Hailey made a guest appearance at our Caring Kids -- All About Animals -- Camp.   She and Rylie took part in a presentation focusing on the horrors of animal abuse. 

All was great until recently.  While playing, Hailey suffered an injury to one of her back legs. As a volunteer organization the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department relies on  donations. Hailey’s care is paid for from proceeds from the firehouse soda machine. At 50 cents per can, it was going to take a lot of soda to get Hailey the surgery she needed to repair a torn ligament in her knee.

Worried about their loyal companion, the firefighters contacted Kara.   The League's Medical Center is not equipped to perform such specialized surgery.  We contacted our very good friends at Friendship Hospital for Animals and the rest, as they say, is history!   Dr. Mat Glassman, worked with Hailey and the members of the Fire Department to make sure she got the help she needed. Both Hailey and the members of the HVFD are grateful for their assistance. Hailey is recovering nicely and is expected to running and playing in no time.  

To read more about Hailey and see pictures of her at the firehouse and xrays of her knee, click on the link  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Very Intelligent Readers (VIR) -- Celebrate Because of Winn Dixie

Four Takoma Education Campus fifth graders read Kate DiCamillo's award winning book, Because of Winn Dixie, as part of a Washington Animal Rescue League first quarter weekly reading group.  The Very Intelligent Readers (VIR) welcomed Nigel, a Very Important Listener (VIL) to the literary group.  The readers unanimously recommended Because of Winn Dixie.

 "I would recommend this book because it's really entertaining, and there is a funny part. But it comes with sad parts, like when the dog gets lost in the rain.  It's great how it shows how you can make best friends forever, " shared Leslie.

"It was a great book, it made me cry at one part and happy at another.  It has a lot of strong feelings in it," wrote Kahlil.

"I would recommend this book because it might inspire you to get a dog or a pet.   This story will make you cry, laugh and smile.  This book has a dog character and his name is Winn Dixie.   In the beginning of the story he was like all of the other homeless dogs, then he became a happy dog who had a family who loves him," recommended Gelila.
After completing the book, Because of Winn Dixie,
 Kahlil, Gelila, Leslie and Nigel get comfortable as they prepare to watch the movie.