Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Apollo Picks A Family

Liam & Apollo Pose
We got an email with adorable first pictures.  It read, Sorry to send so many photos,but we just love this little kitty and can’t stop taking pictures! Makai has been renamed Apollo. My whole family loves him. He’s getting along well with our other animals, too. Sookie, our 2.5-year-old cat, loves having a friend. She’s been showing him the ropes. He’s very curious about our rabbit and thinks the guinea pigs are interesting, too.  Mostly Apollo is just a sweet and loving little fellow. We are so happy to have him as part of our familyWhat a lucky little kitty!  I wanted to know more.  How did this family of four agree on the little guy?  We were looking for a kitten because we hoped a kitten might have an easier adjustment to our home since we already had a cat there. We chose Apollo mostly because when we were visiting WARL, he leaped out and claimed my husband. He chose us. He followed us around and wanted to be held by us. There really wasn't any choice involved on our part. I think if that kitten had opposable thumbs and knew how to open a car door, he would have just gone home with us that instant.
Devin and Apollo snuggle

I emailed backed, wanting to know more.  Finding a good name is always tough. I was being silly and suggested "Spartacus"—just to make the boys laugh—such a tiny cat with such a big name seemed silly. But it got us going down that road. Apollo was a Greek sun- god and one of the translations of that name means "giving or bringing of light."  Our older cat, Darcy, had recently passed (terrible cancer) and our younger cat, Sookie, was alone now. We all noticed how depressed she seemed after Darcy died. We were all depressed. Darcy was an awesome cat. We had hoped that adopting a new kitten would help all of us. And so, we brought home this little light and guess what? It worked!  Sookie is so so so happy to have company. Apollo has quickly become a part of our family. We love him. 

For my husband and I—we're of the generation where the word "Apollo" means ROCKET, like Apollo 11 and landing on the moon. And THAT seemed to fit, too, because Apollo's got a lot of energy. He soon had Sookie zooming all over the house with him, playing. 
I've been thinking picture book titles, how about  
Apollo Lands a Forever Home!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Siblings Raise Money for WARL

Many companies will match charitable contributions made by their employees, thereby doubling the size of the donation.  When Brady (sign holder), Kayla (kneeling), McKenna (behind the stand) and Logan (in orange) decided to give all of the $115 profits they made from their summer entrepreneurial endeavor to WARL, their parents agreed to make a dollar for dollar match.  Tribble, the pug, undoubtedly drew many patrons to the stand and received lots of pats as much appreciated  tips!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Finding Forever Homes is No Easy Task

Cat rooms at WARL, and other shelter, are full.  As soon as cats and kittens are adopted more move in to take their place.  A friend of mine rescued the five kittens and cat featured on the adoption flyer; he took them to the veterinarian, paid for all of their vaccines and spay/neuter surgery, and now comes the really hard part -- finding them forever homes.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dental Work Done!

Nigel at home, post surgery, sleeping off the pain medication.  I hope he is enjoying happy, happy dreams.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nigel Goes to the Dentist

Do I really have to stay here?
How does a 75 lb dog become invisible?    Nigel tried his best this morning  to blend in with the floor at the Center for Dentistry& Oral Surgery.  One of the doctors just called to say that, while Nigel doesn't need a set of dentures, he is going to lose three rotten teeth and another will be filed, smoothed, and bonded.  Nigel will still have a great smile, the teeth extractions are in the back;  and after the polishing and fluoride treatment, he'll have a much healthier smile and probably sweeter breath.  Dental health, like with people, is important for animals.  Nigel didn't complain about his broken teeth, but he is not a complaining kind of dog. When Max had several  teeth pulled he  insisted on ice cream and mashed potatoes for every meal. For now,  Nigel will feast on water-downed dog  food.  Poor pooch!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebrate Cats Rule Tuesday! (My new holiday)

So, what does the picture of Roma yawning in her new home and the cover of the Five Lives of Our Cat Zook, by Joanne Rocklin, have in common?  Not much except that we received Roma's adoption update over the weekend and  I read the book last night; and, I couldn't wait to share both! Roma's person sent this update, "She's my perfect little companion and  I am so thankful to WARL for bringing us together!!"   Five Lives of Our Cat Zook, is about letting go of the perfect companion.  A tender, funny, and heartfelt book about love, loss, friendship and life’s lessons, Five Lives of Our Cat Zook, is filled with a number of perfect couplings including the narrator, Oona and her beloved cat, Zook,  a cat who happily ate --  in his better days -- fried zucchini.  Check out the author's website at http://www.joannerocklin.com/