Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Second Grade Teacher's Love of Poetry Made a Lasting Impression on Me!

Miss Payne recited--
I never saw a purple cow
I never hope to see one
but I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one.

 National Poetry Month 2013 ends next week. 
Share a poem today.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Forever Home for Murphy!

 No one can deny that puppies and kittens are cute.   But the adult animals are the ones that really get to me.  The ones with a long history.  IF they could talk, what would they say?  Would they bemoan their cast-off situation or would they say they are grateful for their temporary digs?
In the wonderful picture book, "Let's Get a Pup," Said Kate, by Bob Graham,  the family decides on a cute pup but leaves the Rescue Center with a heavy heart after seeing Rosy, who was "old and gray and broad as a table" and "radiated Good Intention."   Needless to say they become a two dog family when they go back  the next day and adopt Rosy.  
While Murphy, who was known as Mayor at the League, is not old and gray he did radiate good intention.  His adopter saw that right away.   In a recent update she wrote,  "He's doing wonderfully. He had a little problem with the steps at first but now he's running up and down them all on his own. He gets taken to the dog park near my house to play fetch in the morning when we usually have the place to ourselves and then we go back once I'm home from work so he can socialize and run around with other dogs.
He's such a cuddly, sweet, gentle dog and I'm so happy I adopted him! I've included a few photos of Murphy loving life! Thank you so much for the help with adopting him. Murphy and I could not be happier!"

 And,  the email and pictures of Murphy enjoying life with a bone and toy and a crate of his own and a person who loves him unconditionally absolutely made my day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Celebrate National Poetry Month with a Cat Poem! or Two.

It's National Poetry Month!   There are many, many wonderful animal poems.  I was rifling through a collection of cat poems in a small book aptly titled The Great Cat- poems about cats - and happened upon Naomi Shihab Nye's poem --
Every Cat Had a Story

The yellow one from the bakery
smelled like a cream puff-
she followed us home.
We buried our faces
in her sweet fur.
One cat hid her head
while I practiced violin.
But she came out for piano.
At night she played sonatas
on my quilt.
One cat built a secret nest
in my socks.
One sat in the window
staring up at the street all day
while we were at school.
One cat loved the radio dial.
One cat almost smiled.
The poem conjured up memories of every cat I've been lucky enough to live with.       Sidney, my college campus black kitten.   Artie, the tiny long haired guy who made Sid look like a lion.                 Alvie, the scarred bruiser who went from sewer-pipe cat to best bed buddy-- ever.                                                                                        SamMelvin, the big orange tabby...the cat of my dreams.              Dave, a boarder at the shelter until his elderly person died, my daughter's  first true love.         Bruce, the cat foster cat who picked me.                                                                                
And now, Charlotte -- the queen of the camera phone.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flyer distributed to collect
supplies for the League

Girl Scout Troop 379 spent weeks before spring break coordinating a supply drive and collecting  towels, blankets, jars of peanut butter and laundry detergent for the League.  They ended their spring break by delivering  a van full of goods and touring the shelter and medical center.   Almost all of the girls had a cat or dog at home, many adopted from shelters and rescue groups.  One of the scouts adopted a bunny from a local shelter. 

Members of Girl Scout Troop 379
(and one brother)
delivering donations to WARL
Girl scouts tour the medical center,
 including an up close and personal
visit with one of the many cats
 waiting for a new home at the League.
This is not the first time the troop has helped the animals. In the past, thy have visited animals in the shelter, baked and delivered homemade dog treats, donated blankets and towels, and designated WARL as a recipient of a portion of the profits they've earned selling girl scout cookies.   One of the scouts and her dad are current WARL volunteers, another scout has attended camp at the League.   We expect to see more from of troop 379 in the future.  Thank you girls, parents and supportive siblings!