Monday, November 25, 2019

Girl Scout Troop 42002 Raises Money for HRA in a Creative and Helpful Way for People and Animals!

Girl Scout troop 42002 recently raised $400 for the animals at HRA. They did it by hosting a bake sale and a CAR CARE CLINIC! This, I believe, is the first-ever CAR CARE CLINIC hosted in our honor. 
As someone who relies solely on the lights on my dashboard to tell me when to drive in for service, I was blown away by the photo of the girls adding windshield wiper fluid to the proper container under  a car's hood. I had to ask more about the event. 
I learned that one of the troop's  parents taught the girls how to:
- Open a car hood 
- Check for the car model’s recommended tire pressure.
- Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary. 
- Check and top off levels of oil, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid. 
And then, after the crash car care 101 course, it was totally up to the Brownies to complete the check and service. What a creative way to raise money for the animals and provide a terrific service for car owners, especially now that the weather is getting cooler. My tire pressure light recently started blinking and I did what I always do, I drove to the gas station and paid $5 for someone to put air in the tire. When these young animal lovers become drivers, they won't have to ask anyone to put air in their tires -- they will do it themselves. Thank you Troop 42002 for supporting HRA.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

We Are Thankful For Students Who Go Above And Beyond To Help HRA Help The Animals!

Micah stands before some of the
donations that he collected through
reaching out to friends and family.
Sadie offers one of her home baked
gourmet Salmon treats to Hugo.
HRA often gets calls and emails from students interested in helping the animals. While they may be disappointed when they learn that they are too young to volunteer in the shelter, they remain committed to helping the animals. During this week, before Thanksgiving, we are thankful that Micah and Sadie's dedicated efforts to make the world a better place for animals resulted in lots of extras for the animals at HRA.
Treats by Sadie
Micah appealed to family and friends through emails and phone calls directing them to his own HRA Amazon wish list. The effort netted two carloads full of supplies ranging from fun cat and dog toys, treats, and a variety of food, to the less glamorous but equally needed items like sharpies and paper towels. Micah made sure to thank all of his donors with personalized notes expressing his gratitude for their support in helping him help the animals. It truly does take a village!
Sadie created her donation in the kitchen. She used several different cat and dog treat recipes to bake dozens and dozens of biscuits. 
Both students delivered their donations to the shelter and visited with the many tail-waggiing and purring recipients of their donations. Thank you Micah and Sadie for helping to make the animals' stay at HRA a more comfortable one.

Monday, November 11, 2019

HRA Adoption Leads to Advocacy for All Shelter Animals

Pearl helped to raise awareness and money for the animals as part of her upcoming bat mitzvah project. Pearl's initial dog biscuit booth at the Van Ness Farmers' market netted  $50 for HRA. Most generous shoppers paid more than the suggested $3 per bag, which contained two home-made biscuits. Pearl's efforts were inspired by the recent adoption of her very cute HRA dog, Phoebe. She even recruited her friend Mable to help with the marketing. Mabel is a recent alumnus of Caring Kids Camp at HRA. Thanks, Pearl. Surely, Phoebe, too, was a big help in the test kitchen!