Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Good Deed that Grows and Grows.....

"You have to see all of the donations, " a co-worker told me.  The bags of towels, blankets, and items from our wish list, including books for kids and hedge clippers for our garden  came from Bella's birthday celebration. Two  carloads full of donations were unloaded  in front of the shelter on Saturday.  
I asked Bella's mom how they were able to collect so much stuff!  She explained  that  Bella decided to continue a tradition this year that her mom started 4 birthdays ago requesting donations for homeless cats and dogs instead of traditional birthday gifts.  In addition, Bella's mom decided to involve the entire Francis Scott Key Elementary School community in the effort.  She asked the  Community Service Committee to announce a donation drive for the animals. She suggested items and even included a link to WARL's wishlist.    For three weeks families brought much-needed items to the school.   Helping animals is a long-held family value -- Bella's grandmother is a veterinarian.  If Bella doesn't follow in her footsteps, perhaps she will grow up to be a shelter director. Thank you Bella and family and friends, and the entire Key community for helping us to help the animals! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

WARL Animals Benefit from Generous Kids!

Audrey, Elise, & their friend Rebecca
 Presents are a big part of birthday celebrations.  When twins, Audrey and Elise, invited guests to their party they had a present request -- instead of bringing gifts for the girls, friends were asked to bring gifts for the animals at WARL.   On Sunday, they, along with their friend Rebecca, delivered two bulging bags of toys & treats for the cats and dogs.  Providing enrichment for shelter animals is key to keeping them comfortable while they are awaiting their forever homes. 
     This is not the first time that Elise and Audrey thought of the animals.  They, along with neighborhood friends, raised $171 at a summer lemonade stand a couple of years ago.  
Ari & Dori
     Brothers, Ari & Dori, also visited the League on Sunday.  Each boy had a contribution of his own.  The young philanthropists  participate in an on-going savings plan -- each boy saves a portion of  his  weekly allowance  to help others.  Not only did they choose to help the animals at the League, but they were able to double their donations with a matching grant from their parents!  
      Thank you Audrey, Elise, Ari & Dori!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine wrapped up!
My lovable pooch is liking this weather less and less.  This morning he flew off the ice-encrusted steps, did what he needed to, and then did his best to hurry back up the steps and dash inside, where he will remain until I force him to take another potty break.   The salt trucks came through.  No walks for Nigel!  Maybe not until June!  More snow tonight.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Ten inches in my front yard this morning.   Nigel is lucky to be a big dog.  A smaller dog would have had a harder time relieving himself.  We tried walking down the street early this morning -- kids were already being pulled on sleds, neighbors constructed an igloo.  I was curious to see the snowmen that had sprouted up.  The roads were totally car-less.  It was a good time to walk.  Nigel, however, was interested in going home.   He lifted his leg once, pooped fast, and made a mad bee-line for home.  Walking in the salt sprinkled road of recent storms was tough, but Nigel used to like to gallop in the  heavily-packed snow from big storms several years ago.  Not this time.  Age is catching up with Nigel.  Snoozing on a purple rug, under a heat vent is his idea of a perfect snow day!
Meanwhile Charlotte, who loves to try to escape out the front door, did just that.   Three seconds into her mad-dash  she made a quick u-turn and bolted into the house.   Freezing wet stuff on her soft pink pads was not to be.  
And, in case you are wondering -- the shelter animals are safe and warm thanks to the incredible dedicated WARL staff and volunteers!!