Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Tabbies Remind Us that There are Real Life Happy Endings!

Nigel and I were visiting a fourth grade class this morning and met the guardian of two WARL adoptees.   Our terrific visit was made even better when I learned from the students' teacher that two of our former wards were happy and healthy in their forever home!  I asked for pictures of the content tabbies,  and no sooner had I gotten back to my desk, there they were -- Fannie and JoJ looking like extremely comfortable and content Siamese twins!

Here is a picture of our two cats from WARL. Fannie is older and as a kitten lived with the WARL cat director (I forget his name) and she loved to sleep under the ear of his dachshund; she has grown up to be very vocal and is the alpha kitty. Jojo is younger and came from New Orleans after Katrina (actually the group that was displaced from the FEMA trailers. She is pure New ‘Awlins and loves to eat and is very relaxed. I used to live in New Orleans, so she is special to us. They are great companions to each other and to us.

JoJo is a reminder of how an incredible tragedy can turn into nothing short of a miracle.  It was a miracle that so many animals survived Katrina, and it is truly a miracle that so many of the dogs and cats living in flood areas and communities recently destroyed by tornadoes are alive and well, albeit scared.  Several League staff members spent time in Missouri after the floods, then worked around the clock in Tuscaloosa setting up  a temporary shelter just days after the tornado devestation.  And, now, our dedicated staff are preparing to travel to Joplin, Missouri where they will help care for the animal survivors of the largest tornado ever recorded, attempt to reunite those animals with their guardians, and if need be bring them back to the League where they will find new forever homes.  

We have the most INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL AND THOUGHTFUL STAFF.   And, we have some pretty special adopters too!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Perfect Home for Papaya!

Papaya is doing very well. She is the perfect cat for us. She is so friendly.  Thank you for giving us Papaya.

We received this cute picture and happy update.  What a great home for a cat --  two girls of her own, toys galore, and a picture on this blog!   Looking forward to hearing more from Papaya in the future. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Fantasy in Your Future

This is Fantasy.  The reason why her profile is so close to the camera lens is because she was standing on my lap when I took the picture.   I tried to have her stand several feet away from me, but she refused.    If there are typos in this posting, it is because Fantasy is on my lap and insisting on helping me write about her.   x7& htymmmk.mvewohjoooo.   That was her contribution.  She wants readers to know that xgkkue she is a teenage mother, a very good one at that.  She has been caring for her four daughters since their birth, nearly 8 weeks ago, and she is preparing for them to be adopted into loving permanent homes, AND she, too, is eager to have a real home, one where she can have her own computer cnodaiyre8ay y;-3.  If I could have gotten a full body picture you could see how skinny she is.  that's because she has been such a good mom, letting her kittens nurse around the clock -- no timed feedings for those babies. 

Stay-tuned for a Fantasy update.  Or better yet, come visit Fantasy and her family.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Home Dispels Pit Bull Myth

If, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then this photo needs no narration.  However, I can't pass up the opportunity to include the touching email that accompanied this, and other photos, of Gryffiin, formerly Cherrios.

Gryffin (formerly Cheerios) is a phenomenal addition to our family! She is adjusting better than we could have ever expected and is the star of the neighborhood. She loves all dogs and all people, rolling around in the grass and sleeping in her beloved bean bag chair (especially on her person's lap). Her calm and gentle demeanor makes her a fantastic ambassador for her breed and has even inspired a few neighbors and friends to think about adopting a pit bull in the future. Thank you to WARL for blessing us with such an amazing dog!

How's that for terrific advertising!?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Best Friends

Chimi and Mr. Lewis dining together!
 What better way to conclude the Be Kind To Animals Week celebration than by sharing an adorable picture of an adoptee in his new home with his BFF-FOREVER! 

His new human BFF-FOREVER sent along this lovely note.

Thank you so much for bringing Chimi into our lives!!!!  He has been the best addition to our household. He is adjusting remarkably well and even gets along wonderfully with his brother, Mr. Louis. We are so glad that we were able to provide him with a loving home that he truly deserves.  Thank you for all that you do for the many animals like our beloved Chimi.

Amanda's heartfelt words are what makes celebrating animals and friendship and every day occurrence at the Washington Animal Rescue League.  Thanks Amanda and Mr. Louis for welcoming Chimi into your lives.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Be Kind to Animals Week Celebration -- with Poetry!

National Poetry Month 2011 may be over, but writing and reading poetry should be an every day activity.  Especially, when the poems celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week.
I missed seeing Takoma Education Campus 4th graders in April; we caught up today, the middle of BKTW, by visiting and writing Haiku poems.  Wish I had room to share them all!  Enjoy!!

Take Me Home
by Precious
The shelter has dogs.
The dogs are big and jumpy.
I love those small ones.

Nigel is Sad Because it's Raining
by Leslie
Please, rain go away.
Let Nigel visit this day.
Nigel don't be sad.

Nigel in School Because it Stopped Raining
by Lesilie
Cheer! the rain is gone.
Now Nigel can visit us.
Let's play with Nigel.

My Cat Ops
by Crescent
I have a good cat.
He fights the couch and shoe strings.
Ops wins the battle.

by Dania
Lily likes to play.
she is a really fun dog.
She is black anad white.

Dogs and Cats
by Gelila
Dogs and cats are nice.
They are so cute and friendly
They love you so much.

by Vanessa
Loves dog treats and pats
Likes to go to school, see kids
Visit the classrooms