Friday, January 27, 2012

Too Sad for Words

I just opened yahoo on my computer and read this headline,  AP Exclusive: New taste for Thai elephant meat,  The article at, http://news.yahoo.com/ap-exclusive-taste-thai-elephant-meat-035353902.html., is heartbreaking.

Monday, January 23, 2012

If Only Charlotte Could Paint......

Photo by Max

Charlotte had no trouble climbing to the top of the ladder.   If only she could  paint!  She did manage to rub by a freshly painted wall so that her right side donned a completely new look.   We already have one orange cat; and Charlotte, as a calico, just didn't work.  So, Charlotte's first encounter with paint quickly turned into Charlotte's first encounter with a warm was cloth!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Kitten Warms Up to Nigel

Nigel is not so sure how he feels about today's office visitor.   The little kitten, found cold and all  alone in an alley, was rescued by a good Samaritan. The tiny tabby is getting lots of attention from League staff,  and when she's old enough, she will be placed in a forever home.  Maybe one with a gentle dog, like Nigel. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Powell 4th Graders Learn Lots and Surprise Nigel & Me with Thank You Notes and Artwork!

Ms. Stoessel, Powell Elementary School  librarian, and fourth graders pose with Nigel.  Gabriel (center )is displaying the  portrait of Nigel that he created.  Nigel is amazed by the likeness!
Nigel and I met regularly first semester with Powell Elementary School fourth graders.   The inquisitive students travelled recently to the League to see firsthand what happens in the shelter and medical center.   They asked great questions and eagerly volunteered during animal interactions.   They absorbed everything they learned.  Their wonderful thank you notes confirmed their concern for the animals.  I shared those letters with the entire Washington Animal Rescue League staff this morning, and invited my coworkers to stop by my office to see the beautiful drawing of Nigel hanging on my wall.  The artwork was created by Gabriel, and the poster was signed by the entire class.

"....Thank you for letting us see people doing their jobs....We  learned that if you want to adopt a pet you have to be ready."     Roberto
"...I liked the part when Trip, the dog, came into the room.  I liked that part because I learned so much......Thank you for inviting us."  Estephanie
"Thank you for showing us cool tricks with the dogs and letting us do the tricks with them...." Steven

Friday, January 13, 2012

Look Who is in My Office

Emma and Ray are AWESOME!!!!   SPECTACULAR!!! Super Terrific!!!  This long-haired pair don't just purr, they chirp.   AND, they like to be brushed.   AND, they absolutely love to be  in your face, and on your desk, at all times.  AND, they need a HOME!

They came to the League because their person is seriously ill and cannot care for them.   Obviously, their person loved them a lot.   Looks like they have never missed a meal.   AND, they don't get frightened when the printer goes off right next to their ears or when our giant washing machine sounds like it is going to blast off right beneath the desk

Emma and Ray like  hanging out in the office, but they would be even happier if they had a new home -- one with a soft bed.   My desk is okay for a temporary nap, but both cats would like to snuggle on a comfy mattress with a person or two.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look Again ---- This is Not a Picture of Nigel and a New Friend

Best Buddies -- Ricky & Lucy
Okay, it's true -- I am partial to black labs.  After all, I live with the one-and-only, absolutely perfect Nigel the Wonder Dog.   And, I truly believe that no home is complete without a cat (if you can properly care for a cat).  So, when a recent adopter sent pictures of Ricky, formerly named Sinbad, and Lucy, a Nigel-looking lab, I couldn't wait to get permission to post the picture. 

Their adopter wrote, "I have always been a dog person and never thought I would love a cat so much!"   I wonder if Lucy felt the same.  From the looks of things, it was love at first sight for this made for prime time pair.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Found -- Forever Homes

The very best thing about returning to the League after a long vacation is seeing all of the adoption updates in my inbox.

There was a photo of Shiloh, an all black cat now named Lola, curled up in her plush, new cat, bed; a cute holiday picture of Bentley, the Yorkie, with his three new BFFs all wearing Santa hats for their photo op; a lovely artistic shot of Persia, the gray tabby, stretched out in the sun; and  lots of pictures, including a video, of Sampson, the big, honey of a German Shepherd who was adopted last year by a family who lives in Long Island. Long time readers may remember how Sampson's, new family -- mom, dad, three dog-adoring kids, and a yellow Labrador retriever named Amber, responded to an adoption appeal and travelled to the League to meet, and adopt, Sampson. What better way to start the new year than by sharing just a few of those photos.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Good-Bye 2011

January 2012 brings freezing temperatures.  No more winter walks with shirtsleeves.   Make sure that cats and dogs are safe INSIDE.   Report animals left out in the cold to your local animal control agency.