Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Santa.... A Home for the Holidays would be Appreciated -- Greatly!

A cat chowing down in front of you is a very good sign.  That means the cat is super relaxed and does not feel threatened by your presence.  At least that's what I think it means.  Munch, a staff favorite, ate his entire breakfast in front of me.  I was trying to get a photo of his sweet face, but I got tired of waiting for him to finish eating.  He wasn't even bothered by my cajoling and moving his dish from side to side to try to get the shot I wanted.  This patient guy has been waiting for a forever home for sometime.   I never did get the picture I wanted, but Munch did finish his kibble.   It would be great if he could move out and eat all of his meals  in a permanent home,  if not by Christmas...at least by the new year.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Best Way to Spend a Snow Day -- With a Book & a Cat!

Snow days make excellent reading days. That's how I read Yona Zeldis McDonough's the Cats in the Doll Shop (Puffin 2011) book from cover to cover and recommend it to any third, fourth or fifth grader who cares about animals and is interested in life from long ago.  Maybe that's too narrow.  Anyone who enjoys a good story -- one with suspense, conflict, family and cats -- should love this book.  Especially if they are able to sit with their own cat on their lap (in my case Merl) and read it in one sitting.  Readers will root for Anna, and her immigrant cousin Tania and worry about Ginger Cat and Plucky.  Readers may wonder about Plucky's leg -- while the kitten's leg appears to "fall off" in the story, more than likely the broken leg became lame and the little cat managed fine without being able to use it.  Readers will undoubtedly  want to report the mean mustachioed man to the authorities and testify at his animal cruelty trial.   The story is set in the early 1900s.  Life was much different then for people and animals.   Be sure to read the timeline at the end of the story. An interesting addition to the timeline would have been the establishment of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), on April 10, 1866 in New York City by philanthropist and diplomat Henry Bergh. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow, Sleet and Slush Makes for Messy Paws and a Short Walk!

Yesterday's storm closed some schools, delayed openings at others, and created a slushy mess for dogs who enjoy their daily walks.  Nigel loves to romp in piles of the white fluffy stuff.  But what fell yesterday must have felt like cold pins and needles on his bare feet.  After passing just a few houses  Nigel was raising his left front paw and hobbling like he was trying his best to finish a three-legged race!  Once home, we bathed all four feet in warm water and dried him off and spent the majority of the day inside wishing for a real snow, one with lots and lots of measurable inches.   And, we may get just that.  TOMORROW!
Nigel, not exactly thrilled with the
results of the December 8th storm.
No one should be out in the cold or snow for any length of time.    Humane officers work around the clock.  Report any cases of animals left outside to your local animal control or humane agency.  You can also do your part to help keep animal companion safes during winter storms.  Choose to put out "Safe Paws" or kitty litter rather than salt to help melt snow and/or create traction on sidewalks.  And, get in the habit of bopping  on the car hood before getting in and going for a ride.  Car engines make warm sleeping spots for cats left outdoors.  Remember, animals, like us, may enjoy playing in the snow for a short time.   But, for the most part, the best place to be a cold wintery day is inside. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Weathercasters Trump Santa

WARL's holiday open house has been postponed until Sunday, December 15th.    Drink hot chocolate, bake cookies and keep those animal companions warm and safe inside.  Let it snow!!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow -- but Not on Sunday!

 Santa is scheduled to stop by the Washington Animal Rescue League on Sunday, so dogs (maybe a cat or two), kids, and even adults can deliver their Christmas lists in person.   He reports that he will have no problem trekking in, even if the predicted wintery mix makes mush out of our city streets.  After all, Santa resides in the North Pole and, I just happen to know that  he has access to a Subaru!  It may be, however,  that some of the folks who might bring their dogs and kids to the event have a harder time making it across town.  Be sure to check with the League Sunday morning to see if Santa can postpone his visit to another, perhaps dryer day. 

The bitter cold wet weather predicted  for this weekend is a reminder that it is DECEMBER after all -- even if the thermometer read 68 degrees yesterday.  December, and the months that follow are COLD.  Be sure to take cold weather precautions with your animal companions.  Keep cats indoors.  Walk dogs a reasonable amount of time -- don't leave them outside unattended.  Put a coat on your dog if you want,  but the main thing is to be aware of the temperature.  If you are cold, your animal companion probably is, too!