Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Klaus & Zelda -- A Perfect Match!

Zelda (left) and Klaus (right)
snuggle in the sunlight.

Earlier this year we received an email  from a former adopter stating that her beloved cat had recently died and, Klaus, a recent WARL adoptee (see previous posts), was missing his buddy.   Our adoptions team suggested that she meet Poof and the rest, as they say, is history.

Many thanks for identifying Zelda (Poof)  as a good companion for Klaus and for us. She's been with us for about a month and Klaus and Zelda are getting along great! They track each other room to room, engage in the 11 p.m. romp around the house and do mutual grooming. They both are incredibly playful (Zelda has slimmed down a bit from all the activity) as well a good lap cats.

The picture of the compatible cats, and the accompanying email proves my often said point -- two cats are definitely happier, and far more entertaining than one!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Miles holds the smiling pooch for an exit photo --
Custer is spending Valentine's Day at home!

Little Custer, sitting on Miles' lap, did not look like a plush toy when he came  to the League from another shelter.  The victim of neglect, he needed a day at the beauty parlor before finding a forever home!   Custer was treated to a warm bath and a designer haircut by our wonderful volunteer groomer. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Catapalooza a Huge Success!! Great Felines Still Waiting for Forever Homes!!

Takoma Education Campus student, Jesse,
drew Max the cat especially for Catapalooza
Twenty, TWO-O!!,  cats found loving forever homes at our annual Catapalooza cat adoption event.   The noon time crowd packed the cattery,  meeting and greeting the cats of their dreams.    

This morning the cat room is nearly empty.   A few cats, like Santiago pictured above, is wondering why they were left behind.  We are hoping that adopters, who might want to meet their forever friends in a more relaxed atmosphere, will show up during the week.  Most days, cats chase toys across the floor and climb the floor-to-ceiling cat jungle gym.  And, when you sit down to observe, it is not unusual for a cat or two  to climb into your lap for a little snuggling time.   Some of our more reserved cats, like the stunning, long-haired and declawed (who would do such a terrible thing?) Tikka, are taking their time picking their forever person.  

The festive decorations were created by young artists
 at the Prospect Learning Center,
under the direction of art teacher Rain Young.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Catapalooza! This Sunday

Micky & Merl sleeping side-by-side.
Say that five times really fast -- BACKWARDS.  Or, just come to the League's ultimate cat adoption event,  this Sunday from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m.   Celebrate Valentine's Day at Catapalooza -- create a card for someone special, eat a sweet, or a adopt a cat -- maybe two.   A pair of cats are twice the love. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sgt. Chris Holmes and Cazo -- Heroes in the Community, Favorite Classroom Visitors!

Cazo will chew on his toy,
but he would rather play tug!

Cazo really likes fourth grade.

Cazo enjoys posing with his friends.
I visited three schools in the last 10 days and learned something new every time.   That's because D.C. Fire Department's Sgt. Chris Holmes, and his canine partner Cazo, accompanied me to each of those visits.   Like the fourth and fifth graders who enjoyed the presentations, I was amazed every time I saw the photos of Chris and Cazo high atop a pile of rubble in Haiti; tethered from a helicopter hanging in mid-air; and on a small boat in the dark on the Anacostia.  I can't imagine riding in a helicopter, let alone jumping out of one AND holding my dog -- I don't think Nigel would be up for the dare-devil activity either.   But that's what Chris and Cazo do --  in order to rescue someone  lost deep in the Shenandoah National Forest, they are lowered to the ground from a hovering helicopter.  Chris delivers a serious presentation about fire safety and rescue work, but you can't help but laugh when Cazo interrupts, insisting on another game of tug.  Chris gently tells Cazo  platz.  The smart, working dog is totally bilingual.  No doubt there are many tug games during the off hours.